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The Perfect Clear Clip-Board - Daddy
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Back in Stock for your demand. Limited quantities only! Use this Clear Clip Board to read minds while on stage! Very practical - a must have! Click to read the impossible...(8 ½” x 7” – 22 cm x 18 cm)
The Clip Board is the most common and useful prop for the working mentalist.
With this item you can perform mind reading effect that will blow your audience mind - giving the impression that are capable to penetrate their thoughts.
There are many Clip Board on the market, and they are all for the same goal - getting the information from your spectator, without him noticing.

The Perfect Clip Board is quite different from all others due to its design and idea. This Board is CLEAR, you can see trough it, and you can use it on stage while performing and still be able to see the image. Use it on stage or off stage … Choices are endless….
Comes with everything you need in order to perform it.
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