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Stage & Platform Magic
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Clear Clip Board - Baby
New Pocket Size now available. Limited quantities only! Use this Clear Clip Board to read minds while on stage! Very practical - a...
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Bar stool Levitation
THE NEW MODEL. The magician is sitting on a beautiful bar stool... he start to levitate up o down on his command.
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Powerful Levitation - new mode..
If you like perform a levitation as light as a close up & without heavy material,"Power levitation" the answer to your needs! Th...
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Santa Change Bag - (one hand)
We are very excited to bring you this HOT Christmas special item for the holidays. Its a one hand change bag - you know the rest.....
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PSY TABLE CRASHER - Electronic..
This is the classic CRASHING GLASS TABLE with remote control - a very high standard and high range. Place a glass on the table - a...
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Ceseral Time Perfect 2
The magician sets a time in his watch. He then leaves his hand up, and far from his sight. He will never touch it again with his...
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Taste by Bobby Mota
This is SO HOT ... it will be the highlight of your act! Not just a routine out of Bobby Motta's working repertoire, but his most ...
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vent Horizon by Andrew Mayne -..
Andrew Mayne, creator of Gut Buster and In Half presents a stunning new illusion. Is it an escape, a penetration or a teleportati...
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Dark Light by: Stephane Jardo..
Even though it looks like an ordinary light bulb, welcome to the latest technology available. This is probably the most advanced t...
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Extreme (Human Body Stunts) 4-..
12 Human Body Stunts performed and taught by Luis De Matos. There is nothing much to say - One off Europe's TOP magician - in thi...
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METEORS - By: Juan Mayoral (Wi..
This is the effect that Juan Mayoral introduced at the 2009 FISM convention and had top names in magic calling it the highlight of...
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Mona lisa 2 - Deluxe new model..
This is the NEW version of the MONA LISA. come with new packaging. click for details.
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MOJOE - By John Kennedy
The most amazing vanishing drink you ever experienced. This is perfect for so many situations... you CAN NOT afford NOT TO HAVE IT...
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Naked Umbrella - By Pro-Magic
This is a classic of magic, now offered to you in a deluxe set ready to work! A visual magic both for small and big shows. click f...
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The Colorful Cubes
This is another Pro-Magic Exclusive! A Red cube magically change colors in a different surprising way! Great for story telling... ...
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The Butterfly Ball
Another Pro-Magic exclusive ...This is a GREAT routine for any kids or family show... full of color and visual impact.  Click to r...
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Nail & Watch Roulette - De..
This is the most amazing roulette combination you ever seen. Perform the Nail roulette under a cup, in a safe way. More then that ...
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Double Sward thru Neck - Illus..
Two silver Swards are shown solid & rigid are passed crisscross fashion through a spectator's neck inside a wooden Stock!Small...
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Complete Stage Hypnosis Traini..
Richard Nongard's Complete Stage Hypnosis Training Course is now available on 8 full-length DVDs! Many extras ... click to learn a...
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Multi-Table - by Pro-Magic
NEW NEW NEW - This is the latest design table that will serve you for life time. Perfect for magicians, balloon artists, any enter...
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Drills of Death
Perform the Russian Roulette with electric cordless drills. If you are looking for that DRAMA in your show... Look no more!  ...
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Aerial Glass Deluxe - W.Golden
NEW NEW NEW - It is a pleasure to present you the Super Aerial Glass, the Best System of Floating Glass available in the market!!!...
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Sound Master - OPTIONAL - ADDI..
This is an additional Marker Remote for the sound master music controler by Cesaral.
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Sound Master - OPTIONAL THUMB ..
If you are looking or already have the Sound Master system by Cesaral... here is a MUST optional addition; Thumb Tip Remote.
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Sound Master - OPTIONAL MAGIC ..
A great addition to the Sound Master system... an Optional Magic Wand remote- with 12 bottons to fully control your music.
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Sound Master - by Cesaral Ver ..
Soundmaster is an efficient solution to play sounds and High quality music in a very easy and flexible way, and at the specific mo...
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The Ultimate Holder - Wil Gold..
This is the most useful holder you will ever find. Click for details.
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The Birdcage And The Kid Illus..
This is a great illusion to add into your act. Produce the birthday or Bar-Mitzvah kid, perform it anywhere. click for more info...
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Dead Zone Pro by Andy Nyman
Quite possibly the coolest Mentalism routine ever! After more than two years of planning and prototypes they have finally cracke...
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Fire Spoon
A new best seller by Japan's Kikuchi: a spoon is held in the performer's fingertips when suddenly it bursts into flame! CLICK TO W...
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From Andrew Mayne, creator of Ghost Vision and Gut Buster, an astounding new solo illusion.
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4CAST By: U.Dor & D. Weis..
NEW * NEW * NEW : Imagine being able to perform amazing multimedia prediction using nothing more then your computer. 4CAST is a ne...
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Zombie Ball
The magician covers a large ball with a cloth. Then, while he holds onto the cloth just by the corners the ball begins floating of...
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The card trick that every one can see trough ... A great comedy jumbo card trick . from Terry Herbert.
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Shocking Chair
This is a crazy comedy item for your show. You can adjust the shocking level - and you will get 2 remote controllers. A volunteer ...
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The first and only mini card sword (length 16.5 inch) Made of brass in heavy chromium, Card using mini deck Totally mechanica...
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A new concept in magic. An innovative Multimedia CD-ROM, that interacts between the real and the virtual world. Exlusively by Pro-...
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Looking sharp
Knife trough anything - it is the cleverest knife penetration effect in magic , and the best is... our price !
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FIFTY-TWO-ON-ONE! - Super Gian..
Special - Buy Super Giant card , and get Jumbo card free ! Printed in full color, FIFTY-TWO-ON-ONE! Will help you to ad...
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Chair Suspension - SUPER DELU..
This is the most professional Chair Suspension you will ever find! Holds up to 180lb, and stay at the same level! Click for more i...
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Cardiographic - Signature Edit..
By: Martin Lewis. Martin is the originator of this effect and each of these units is hand-made by Martin himself. Signed pad addit...
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A feather bouquet of flowers is displayed to the audience. The magician plucks the five flowers from their stems and sets them asi...
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You show a large frame with a picture of cards spread with their back facing out. You place the frame inside a paper envelope and ...
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"The magician holds out his hand at arm's length and suddenly a full-length evening cane appears in his hand!
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Magic in Sales Promotion
Booklet available in English OR French! Created by two of the most prestigious originators and performers in the Israeli magic com...
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Comedy Bra
Two handkerchiefs are tied together and placed down the neckline of a lady's blouse. When the magician removes the hanks, they're ...
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Tels Bell (Ring no Ring Bell) ..
By: Terry Herbert This is a KILLER comedy bit !!!! You ring a beautiful hand made bell , when you give it out to a spectator ... ...
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Eight solid metal rings are loosely dropped from one hand to the other. The rings then magically begin to link and unlink at the m...
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